Automotive Free International Trade PAC

AFIT-PAC is the only political action committee in the country that was founded by dealers, is run by dealers and looks out for the free trade interests of our dealerships.

Electing members of Congress who support our philosophy of free and open trade is a responsibility we all share…


Days until election.


Over 1M jobs at risk.

Raising taxes on Americans who choose to buy imported cars or trucks is a bad idea. Doing it under the false pretense of national security  – Section 232 – is an even worse idea, as it invites retaliation and weakens our credibility on actual trade disputes.  (Washington Post, May 29, 2018)

–  Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA)


AFIT-PAC was critical in providing me with the resources to get elected to Congress. As a second generation owner/operator and past PAC supporter, I will continue to speak up in Congress on behalf of our industry and in support of free trade policies.

– Congressman Mike Kelly (R-PA)


AFIT-PAC continues to be one of the most proactive and effective organizations on Capitol Hill, making sure that my colleagues and I understand the concerns of the international auto industry and its dealers.

– Congressman Kevin McCarthy (R-CA)
Minority Leader, House of Representatives


As a former international auto dealer, I have a great appreciation for AFIT-PAC’s role as the political voice for international auto dealers on Capitol Hill. They are, and will continue to be, one of the Hill’s most valuable voices on international business and trade.

– Congressman Don Beyer (D-VA)


AFIT-PAC promotes a deeper understanding of the automobile industry by members of Congress.  During a time of profound change in our industry, it’s critical that Congress appreciate our role in advancing innovation, creating jobs and the challenges we face competing in a global economy.

– Robert Carter
Executive Vice President of Sales, Toyota Motor North America


At Subaru, we understand the impact Washington can have on our business operations.  That is why AFIT-PAC is so important to our businesses.  AFIT-PAC is the easiest and most effective way for our retailers to make a difference on Capitol Hill.

– Thomas Doll
President and Chief Executive Officer, Subaru of America