Our Mission

AFIT-PAC is the only political action committee in the country that was founded by dealers, is run by dealers, and protects the free trade interests of our dealerships. We are the political voice for international auto dealers nationwide. We fight the threat of protectionist trade barriers and promote the free trade interests of our dealers by supporting the campaigns of candidates for Congress who share our philosophy of free and open trade.

A Message from Our Chairman

It is an honor to serve as the AFIT-PAC Chairman for the 2023 – 2024 election cycle.

Over the past several years, trade has been a politically charged issue on Capitol Hill. It is used as a foreign policy tool during international disputes, and too often retaliation has been used as a weapon by political parties – especially when it comes to automotive trade. Due to global supply chains and the international nature of the auto industry, trade continues to be the life blood of the country.

The most effective way to defend against these threats is to elect free traders to the House and Senate. The reality is that running for Congress is an expensive proposition, and it takes financial resources for the candidates to get their message out. As a single-issue, free trade PAC, AFIT uses your contributions to support those members of Congress and candidates who support our industry. AFIT-PAC has established a proven track record of success over the past 30 years.

Our mission has never wavered, nor been so important. I look forward to working with you to ensure our businesses are protected against anything the federal government might do to harm auto dealers through the imposition of discriminatory trade actions.

While it’s been said many times, it’s worth repeating; as a dealer, you would never consider leaving your dealership uninsured. AFIT-PAC continues to be the best insurance you have against being legislated out of business. It’s really that simple.

Steve Gates
Steve GatesChairman